Happy Thankful Thursday: Costa Rica is 189 years old! (a day late)

I wish I could be more patriotic. Like, go in my closet and pull out some traditional garb and start dancing before you could even remember the Spanish word 'Baila!' Or show you my grandmother's prized memorabilia of mini-replica houses, the idolized ox cart and hand-painted toucan-shaped napkin holders stashed away from clumsy fingers in the china cabinet. But inside, my house probably looks no different than yours. I'm not part of any social clubs where ticos of any age, unite. I live in one of the most populated and popular cities in America, where culinary delights abound, and have not found ONE sole restaurant that bases its dishes on comida tica.

So what's a transplant to do on el dia de Independencia? My Google search offered no solution. No parade, no festival, nowhere to congregate in this big old lonely City. Four countries share independence day with Costa Rica-- El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras but we haven't gotten any official parade marching down any avenues in NYC. What about my family? Well, everyone is pretty much an adult-- very Americanized and very distant from Costa Rican traditions. No fireworks there.

Living in the States my whole educational life has alerted me that nationally, I'm a minority. I've met one guy in HS who was Costa Rican, and to this day I come across people who've never met a Costa Rican and always thought it was an island (I know it sounds like Puerto Rico, but no, no relation).

I've spent my whole life never acknowledging the day. But I desperately want to! So maybe I won't go as far taking a day off work, or taking a 2 hour lunch to siesta, but I still want to connect somehow! Maybe, just maybe, I'll be the one to start the tradition. Dinner party with traditional tico food at my house!(*woot woot*) We'll see how next year goes...

Oh, and just in case you needed any more reasons why you should visit Costa Rica at least ONCE in your life (although, I know you won't want to limit yourself to that after you go). Here's my top 3 reasons:

  1. You got the best of all worlds there- 2 coasts of beach; if you don't like the Pacific, head on over to the east for the Carribean Sea!, mountains, volcanoes, national parks, rainforests and if you don't need to see all that- just stay on a resort.
  2. People who look like me and you, and them too (and they're friendly too!). In comparison to many Central American countries, CR does not have an incredible amount of indigenous indians, but they do live there! There's people with descendants from Spain, Jamaica, China, you name it! A lot of your travel experience is based on how you're treated by the natives, so if you think this is a minor detail, think again!
  3. Because I said so! Would I steer you wrong?
Happy Thursday!

Food Photo credit.

PS- Enjoy my poem about...you guessed it... mi tierra!



Jennifer B said...

I will definitely be going to Costa Rica with the boyfriend one day. He wants to go so bad!

Carson said...

I want to go to CR someday within the next couple years. I was inspired by a gym partner in Virginia once, who happens to be an established ornithologist. He mentioned doing some bird watching out there and ever since that day, I've wanted to go bird watching on the Rich Coast! So that's gonna be on my list of things to do :)

Nice poem, by the way!