Post-It Note Tuesday: I Met a Blogger Celebrity!

Join me, as I participate in another Post-it Note Tuesday!
Only Parent ChroniclesI loved being a demo, JJ Eyelashes proved to be real professionals, and Miss Ericka schooled me on the whole process! An educated consumer is the best consumer, indeed!

(from left to right... Miss Journey, Alexis Tirado, Ericka from JJ Eyelashes, and Tica!) Can my smile be any bigger?

If you want to follow the woman who put this Soiree together, so you don't miss the next one, check out Desi's blog here!

It's 3 days closer to Friday!,


Miss Journey said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm still excited too. So glad you posted the pic because I was going to ask you to send it to me. Thanks so much for all your help. :-)

Songberries said...

I'm a new follower! Will you follow me?

That One Mom said...

That sounds so exciting! Thanks for linking up!

JJ Eyelashes said...

Great visuals! Great post.