First Guest Blog: New School v Old School (Book Convo)

I'm proud to feature co-founder of the book club I'd Rather Be Reading, Miss Anika, as my first guest blogger. In this post she talks about her love for virtual books, a phenomenom that you may or may not care for, but even if you don't you might change your mind after reading this.

Pssssssttttt.....pssstttttt.....I have a secret to tell you...come closer...closer.....CLOSER........I'm having an affair with my KINDLE!

They (one day I must figure out who this illustrious "they" are) say that admitting something is the first step to recovery. So here, in the huge blogosphere, I am admitting---I am absolutely addicted to my Kindle (shout out to GOS for hookin' me up). From the fabulous screen, to the true to life print, to the luxurious covers, to the loads (and I do mean LOADS) of books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers that can be downloaded onto this device, there is nothing not to like.

I love books, I love browsing in Barnes & Nobles, I love the rush I get when I walk into Borders and see all the new releases and classics laid out for me to peruse at my leisure. I was happy - my books and I had a system going - I buy them, they transport me to a new world. We were surviving. Then my world got rocked when I saw this nifty little invention...could it be true? Oh pleaaseeeeee say it was true! I could actually download hundreds of books to one place and carry them with me?! At the same time?! Without breaking my back and arms due to the weight?! My world was alive with the possibilities. I would no longer have to pick which of my books to take with me on vacation - I could just take Kindie(yes she has a name and no I am not ashamed!) I could avoid having to carry a highlighter to mark up my books - I could do it on Kindie(smudge and wobbly line free). No more dog eared pages--my Kindie could mark that for me as well. Ohh the joy. Those long lines at Barnes & Nobles, Borders and Strand?? GONE! With Amazon's "Buy Now with 1-click" I was in buyers heaven! With the click of my mouse, my books were delivered to my hands.

The Kindle has done wonders for my reading life. The way I shuffle through my I-pod, I can switch books with a click (or 2) of my Kindie buttons. I have never one day disliked my Kindie....Except for the fact that I haven't picked up a "traditional" book in months. I must admit, I have a faint longing for the smell of a new book, the crisp scent. I miss the actual feel and weight of a new book in my hand. The sense of excitement I get as I realize my bookmark is getting closer to the back flap! Bookmarks - who knew how much I'd miss picking out bookmarks, which are essentially an extension of myself. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are purely functional -as is my metro card bookmark; most times they are clearly who I am at the moment. I couldn't figure out this feeling - I missed my books and my books missed me. I would come home and gently lay down Kindie so as to avoid any harm (although she was protected by an insanely overpriced jacket). I would hear whispers all around me "Read me; open me; here I am; come away with me"..my shelves were drooping with sadness---or the weight of books, I never really figured it out. What I do know is that Kindie had extinguished my relationship with my old school loves.

So as I approach my 1 year anniversary with Kindie I have a few pointers for all of you considering the Kindle 2, 3G, or even that little thing called a Nook:

1: Get it - it will bring joy to your life.

2: Protect it - it is easily damaged.

3: Control it - don't go "1-click" happy; the books are still pricey and $9.99 or $12.99 adds up QUICKLY!

4: Ration it - create a healthy balance between your Kindle, Nook and your old loves. While it is great to have several books at your fingertips, there is something to be said for the process of searching for a book, going to a bookstore or library, getting the book and settling down on a rainy October evening and going on a dog-eared, highlighted, crumb ridden journey with your book.

5: Love it - Kindie has her downfalls but she also has her good features. To create anything sustainable, we need to change with the times and Amazon's Kindle and all the other e-readers have done just that. Reading has evolved and many of the drawbacks of old have been erased with the new features. Embrace our culture of instantaneous gratification.After all is said and done, Kindie has created a new level of respect in me for my treasured books. I have realized how much I adore my print books as well as how much I adore my E-Books. So as I head over to my KA meeting (Kindle's Anonymous) a quote pops into my head and I realize that any way I look at it - BOOKS are ME and I am BOOKS and I will get them and read them "By Any Means Necessary"-Malcolm X

-Anika P.

What do you guys think, are you more comfortable with books or e-readers?


AMP said...

Thank you for letting me be a guest blogger Tica!

I must say - I'm torn between the two worlds; I can't say a definite YES to one and No to the other. At the end of it all, I'm going to get books any way I can! I just love books!

Beth said...

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Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

I do not have a Kindle as I still prefer the feel of holding a book. I like the way the pages feel and the way a book might smell from age.

However, having said that, I am considering buying one for the hubby. He is a veracious reader and would probably love it for Christmas.

I am now your newest follower.
Peace...Naila Moon


sunshine said...

Hola Tica,

I am here visiting from Life of Meg Mingle Monday and what a great surprise to find out you are a fellow Costarican!!!

Asi que mejor cambio a espanol, que linda sorpresa saber que hay mas Costarricenses en este mundo de blogger world... Ya soy fiel seguidora de tu blog, y espero conocerte mejor!

Holley said...

Stopping in from Mingle Monday :) new follower!

What a great post. I dont have a Kindle or any ereaders. I do still prefer to have the book in my hand. But! I'm tempted to want a Kindle. The ease of it is rather appealing. I'm still on the fence. And in no way do I want to contribute to the downfall of the real book.

We shall see where life takes me!!

Jessi said...

Hi, just stopping by from Mingle Monday. I love your blog.

I do not have a Kindle although I have thought about getting one. I just love the idea of passing books down to kids, and grandkids. I'm still up in the air!

Kristin said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower!

I'm trying to decide if I want to go the Kindle route...it's tough!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

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