White & Mild: A Tale of NYC

It's funny how a simple house chore can turn into a moment of self-reflection. After being cooped up in the house for 2 days after the awesome post-Christmas blizzard in New York, I ventured to work today and then came home and decided to shovel some sense into the mass of white slush in front of the house. I didn't come home with the intention to shovel, but I felt how mild the weather was (compared to the paralyzing winds and bitter cold of the past few days) and I picked up the shovel with no real strategy as to how I was going to break through the rough exterior of the snow. With no gloves on, I began to work the snow...and clear my thoughts.

As I focused on the task, the thoughts started rolling:

I haven't blogged in so long, my followers must think I'm not committed.
This is such a family-friendly neighborhood, I wish I knew my neighbors by name.

I wonder if anyone is thinking about me tonight.
Being alone is exactly what I need sometimes.
Uninterrupted thoughts are invaluable.

I like feeling safe where I live.

This is more productive than watching Teen Mom.
I should blog about this.

Today I learned that shoveling snow (after 9pm when walking traffic is minimal) can be therapeudic. I hadn't begun shoveling as some dreaded chore, I just had a sudden itch to do it and I didn't think twice about it. I shoveled, I thought, and I enjoyed being. I haven't just been in a while- without dwelling on what I still haven't done, what else I could be doing, how I should
stop what I'm doing to do something else. But I didn't stop. And not only did I clear my head, but I accomplished this...

I'm the path-making QUEEN! :)

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