"Cuz I'ma LayyyDee!" (Like Sheneneh)

This is truly a girly post. I'm in the process of stepping up my shoe game and decided to gauge where I stand now by getting the opinions of fashionably fabulous followers like you! Yes, I know you'd rather look at bags for yourself online and shop for the fall season ahead of time but how about you help those in need, do your community service for the week? :)
It's real simple. Below is my current shoe standing, please vote YAY or NAY in the comments section, to answer whether or not I should keep the shoes in my collection, or get rid of them (remember to list the shoe number).
I also have a special treat, seeing and responding to the need to definitely get rid of some shoes that I've bought used and never wore and that are simply just taking up space. For those bargain-hunting not ashamed of second-hand shoes women there are some for-sale items at the bottom (don't just scroll straight there!). If you're interested, send me an e-mail. First come, first serve! We can do payments through Paypal and I'll get them shipped out to you right away!

So...here's a peek into my shoe closet!


Maker: Aerosoles

These are my ultimate go-to summer sandals! They don't match with everything I wear, but that hasn't kept me from wearing these out shoes much that the straps at the top are already missing the piece that holds them in place. If you don't know anything about Aerosoles, they make absolutely comfortable shoes. I wouldn't get rid of these if you paid me!

Maker: Shoes for Lovely People

These are probably the funkiest shoes I own.
They are a cool royal blue color, and I love those corset-looking straps in the back. It has the feel of a boot and they are richly suede. The only thing is I'm not sure how to pull these off with a skirt...


Maker: J CREW

I haven't technically worn these shoes outside yet, but they seem like the perfect fall high-boot. They are kind of a tight fit, so tight actually, that I don't think I can wear them with socks. But I just couldn't pass them up when I found them at my favorite second-hand store, Beacon's Closet in Park Slope, Brooklyn!

Maker: Nine West

Until recently, I did not know that every girl owned a simple black heel. I found these at Marshall's, and they were so comfortable (I know because I walked around the store with them) that I had to add them to the cart. I like how they have the part patent-leather, part stretchy material. I own a heel just like this in white, except it's not half and half, it's just a leather shoe.


Maker: ??

These shoes have been swallowed by the closet, and I don't remember who the maker is. I bought them for New Year's and have worn them 1 other time since then. The heel is not made for comfort but I really like the plum color (since it was something other than black) and the platform shoes I'm really digging recently. Here's what I wore them with...

I needed a shoe high enough to keep that dress from dragging on the floor! But I'm afraid I won't be able to wear these shoes unless I'm riding in a car the night I'm using them.

NUMERO 6! I'm getting these in the mail soon...are they cool or what?!

A fellow blogger was selling them online for $20, could I pass up an opportunity to make my closet funkier? No. I tried not to pay too much attention to that taunting heel, however I don't come across jaguar print everyday and so... I can't wait to try them on!

The rest of my shoe collection includes two black more intricate shoes, which just add to my theme of black shoes. I hope to venture out to include silver and gold shoes next, and eventually more colors to lighten up and expand the color palettes. Any shoe store/style suggestions of relatively comfortable brands are much appreciated!

And now for the SALES! Please note, all the shoes below are used and are being sold AS IS! Sorry, no refunds! If you want more details than the captions or pictures can tell you, feel free to e-mail me.


Maker: BCBG Girls
Size: 6/36
Price: $20/ $5 for shipping. Total $25.
Condition: Some folds in the front (from natural wear) that are flattened out when you put the shoe on, no significant black scratches/marks along the back and sides.
Remarks: The front is very narrow- not for wide feet at all. Worth the price, these shoes have more years left in them! Perfect color for Easter!

Maker: Steven by Steve Madden
Size: 7M
Price: $30/ $5 for shipping. Total $35!!
Condition: I bought these used and have never worn them outside of the house. These patent-leather candy red babes have genuine leather upper and leather outsole. There is only one black mark on these shoes, it's on the back and hard to see it because the shoe color covers it up well.
Remarks: The heel is way too high for me, I found that the slope of the shoe was too much for an amateur. But if you're into the Mary Jane style, these sweet-color babies have your name all over them! Who can pass up candy-apple red?

And last but not least, the almighty slingback! (please excuse the dusty rusty car!)

Maker: Guess
Size: 6M
Price: $20 and $5 for shipping. Total $25.
Condition: Bought new and worn 1 time outside. These shoes are all leather, don't pass them up!!
Remarks: The shoe was simply too small for me and I didn't want to admit it at the store. Like the BCBG shoes, the front of this show is very narrow. Not made for wide feet.

Well, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed perusing through my closet! Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Photo credit: Maura Reid-Johnson
Shoe model: Yours truly!


A family that dances together, stays together...

My, my, my...it's been a while since I've posted a Thankful Thursday (feel free to participate by clicking on the button!). Thursday's are usually the busiest days of the work week- deadlines galore in the writing world and lots of paperwork to file away [that's my life!] but the upside is that it usually goes by fast! Today I just wanted to recognize how thankful I am for FAMILY! None of us can choose them like we choose friends, and although everyone can claim some dysfunctional members or habits-- there is still nothing like the love, support, and encouragement from family. Whether far or near, today I'm thankful for those I share blood with. Thank God for my beautiful ohana! (The one thing I learned from watching Lilo & Stitch!)

Thankful Thursday

On a recent trip to Virginia, we spent a weekend with my cousins and had a hilarious time playing the Just Dance video game from Wii with some family friends. For your enjoyment pleasure, here is just one highlight (b/c Blogger video sux!) This is what teenage boys do when they think no-one is looking! lol

PS- The game is really as fun as it looks, and you can get your workout in as well!


Fun weekends!


I'm Loving...

Things that I'm loving today...

Summer (my scrumptious God-daughter) is 8 months today!

My new favorite medical drama! HawthoRNe!

The prospect of getting on a plane!

Jeopardy College Tournament Week this week (almost as exciting as Teen Week)!

I finished a new book, my first medical drama (fiction) called Six-Liter Club (review coming soon!) I highly recommend it to those who like watching those dramas on TV- it's about a woman who becomes the first African-American woman head of surgery in 1984.

The countdown to getting on a plane!

The packing for the prospect of getting on a plane!

What are you loving this week?

God's Blessings,


Mental Break: Pull Over for An Award

If you charged me with low participation this month on Tica Tatteteller, I wouldn't deny it. But do believe me that there are great things coming in September. I've been getting the makeover design itch recently and have decided to mature Tica Tattleteller a bit (in my head, it hasn't actually translated onto the web yet). Not only will I feature a new face soon, but also a new blog title. I'm perusing the brain to entrap a cute baby niche. Something that is more focused than what I've got going on now, for the benefit of you and me! I can't even wait to see what I come up with.

August has become my unofficial vacation from blogging and has proved to be a busy month. A friend of mine and I are launching a young adult book club this month. One that meets once a month physically and virtually all month long. Trying to get busy young folk to get together without offering free food is hard! (half kidding) If you're ever sitting in front of your desk, in front of your classroom, or behind the wheel thinking to yourself, "I'd Rather Be Reading" then feel free to come pay us a visit and become a virtual member. Our book club pick for September is Eat, Pray, Love so for anyone who's seen the movie this past weekend, you can go share your thoughts over at the blog. There goes one thing off my 30 before 30 list. I've got some other adventures planned this month that I promise to share with you guys when the time is right.

In the meantime, I'm delighted to share that I've gotten my second award:

I've been awarded by Ms. Baby Plan who is a young married sistah trying to conceive, you can learn more about her journey here. Thanks so much for this award! There goes point one of the requirements to accepting this award- linking it back to the person who gave it to you!

Here are the rest:

  • Share 7 things about yourself.
I feel like being funny today, so I'm posting real random things that might freak you out. Talk about honesty. Number one- I always punch in 2:55 on the clock no matter what I'm microwaving. Number two- I sometimes feel like I should have chosen another career path because I wonder about some people's sex lives. I have internal conversations about details. Number three- I only floss when I see the floss which is not often on my junky dresser. Number four- I love to pack, and hate...you guessed it, doing laundry (did you guess it?) Number five- I don't think you've gotten this far on the list so if you're still reading, congrats, you don't have A.D.D.! Number six- I have self-diagnosed A.D.D because I just performed 3 other tasks while trying to finish this post. Number seven- I think babies are fascinating.

The third point (stay with me, the first was to link the person who gave it to you, the second, list 7 things about yourself) is to Pass the award to 7 fellow bloggers that inspire you.
  1. Krystal @ One Day at A Time. The title says it all. I'm learning what it means to be present and stop living in the future or the past.
  2. Jenn @ Starving, Insatiable. She's a cool girl trying to find her way in the world.
  3. Mr. Jackson @ Prose of An Urban Nomad. He's a man and he writes well. Great combo.
  4. Tell Me Something Good. Good girlfriend chat. Ladies, if you haven't heard something good today, head on over!
  5. Brown Girl- Book Speak. When I need to find great book titles I haven't come across yet, there is always something interesting here.
  6. The Williams Family. A wife who is soon beginning transitioning life as a Stay-at-Home mom. Boldness!
  7. The Big Show At UD. Another black man who writes. He's also a satirist.
I gather this is not the most manliest award! But its an award none the less, so take that compliment graciously!

The last requirement is that I inform everyone who's won the award! Done by way of comments! Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!


Five Question Friday- August Already?

Good Day lovely people, today I'm in the mood to participate in Five Question Friday. Short and sweet culmination of the week as I celebrate August (yikes!) I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and if you're visiting from a blog hop feel free to introduce yourself in a comment and I'll be sure to return the favor.

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper?

I don't know what a "neat" sleeper looks like, but I don't sleep on one end of the bed and wake up in a different one so I would say I'm pretty decent. My hair is the only thing that really suffers at night, I hate tying it down.

2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more ________________.

Disciplined when it comes to writing (let's focus on one area at a time). If I choose to pursue this career professionally, I have to make deadlines my best friend. There will be times when I have to write, even when I don't feel like it. I just feel like at that point, all the joy is gone.

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?

How "finding your purpose" in life is a journey. How graduating from college does not automatically mean your degree translates into an instruction manual for how to fulfill your passion and be sustained from it. The same way that "success" is like an endless ladder- you go from one tier to the next- but still you never become satisfied with the level you reach. Will there be a time where I'm sure that I'm supposed to be doing something and that thing alone will be satisfying for years to come?

4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market?

It would be a picture frame that is currently up in my room, maybe you guys can help me with the name of the flower because I have no idea. I just love how it matches my accent wall and it exudes the relaxing feel I was going for- in the midst of my mess. (you could kind of see it in this pic- where I'm playing "Superwoman" with Summer- the green side is the accent wall). The frame cost $40 and supposedly it came all the way from Colombia!

5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be?

There's always a food question in here, hmm... since I recently had my crab craving fulfilled by this awesome place we stumbled upon in Woodbridge, VA (shout-out to the Electric Palm Waterfront Restaurant) I would probably say some fresh fruit and Red Snapper that I've had back home in Costa Rica!

Yes, this was 2 pds of crab legs and guess how much they cost... $26!! In Red Lobster for this price you'd get some anorexic legs and some scrawny sides...ugh!
Yes, I am in fishy-finger heaven.

Happy Weekends!


Real Talk: What I've Learned...

"You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you." -- Frederick Buechner, Telling the Truth

Barely a month into this 25 year-old experience and God is already stretching me. Today I'm inspired to talk about the things I've learned/am learning from people around me.

What I've Learned:

From my father- I'm a mental escapist-- bound by circumstance. The first time I met my father was in an airport, and when I was a child, he just as good as lived there. The airport represented destinations but it also represented running from real life- which for him meant his fatherly duties. Today, I work to travel. It's my anti-drug against the monotony of life. It's also my prescription for hard times. Has someone ever pissed you off enough to want to leave? Not just walk around the block or drive around to cool off, but to find your preferred mode of transportation and leave town? Not that it's a resolution to the problem, but in the very least, moving from one element to the next changes your perspective.

from my mother- Make the best of what you got until you're in the position to do better. Comfort and Home should be synonymous. My mother put up with detestable/hair-pulling living situations until she was able to make her own home. I desire to make a home in the way she has- filled with strict cleaning rituals to clear the mind, no clutter to mirror a junk-free life, so that when people walk in your home your front door is the entrance to a wholesome hug.

from my grandmother- Unconditional service to others should be a joy we seek to indulge everyday. No matter how small or how big the service might seem to us. Selflessness means devotion to someone else's feelings, thoughts and priorities. Have you ever cared for someone so, where you anticipated their needs and went out of your way to do something nice? Most mothers experience selflessness upon the birth of their first child. Sometimes siblings are raised with the instinctual eye and heart. Don't serve expecting a return. Even if you don't get a "thank you" or a "perk" will you still do it?

from God- I will never comprehend the concept behind grace, and I guess I'm not meant to.
How does God know when we are about to do wrong, let us do it, then believe us when
we say we didn't mean it?...and then watch us in this cycle over and over again?

from friends- Friendship is relative. What I may consider a friend you may consider family, what you consider a friend I may consider an associate, and so on. I'm learning to accept that not all my friends serve the same purpose, and that I cannot walk around with a list of all attributes every friend has to fulfill- it's unrealistic and I'm setting myself up to be dissapointed. Oh but what beauty, when both parties are indeed on the same page, and friendship thrives.

from those who have loved me (romantically): There are no guarantees in life. We, as humans, have only but so much control. God is the only constant. He's not fickle and wayward, as we.

from those who have hurt me: Pain is not preferable, but it is only temporary and in some instances, necessary.

All this to say that we grow every day. Even if it's not substantial in your eyes, and you can't measure it with a ruler, a cup or a "rough estimate"--we still grow. Whether it be in a field full of fertile neighbors/crops, or out of a concrete sidewalk were water is scarce and survival is a play-by-play challenge...real talk, growth is inevitable.