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Post-It Note Tuesday: I Met a Blogger Celebrity!

Join me, as I participate in another Post-it Note Tuesday!
Only Parent ChroniclesI loved being a demo, JJ Eyelashes proved to be real professionals, and Miss Ericka schooled me on the whole process! An educated consumer is the best consumer, indeed!

(from left to right... Miss Journey, Alexis Tirado, Ericka from JJ Eyelashes, and Tica!) Can my smile be any bigger?

If you want to follow the woman who put this Soiree together, so you don't miss the next one, check out Desi's blog here!

It's 3 days closer to Friday!,


Where are you going to be TONIGHT?!

If you're in the NYC area, and are not at this Soiree, you're missing out!!


Make it A Girls Movie Night for November!

I just heard about Tyler Perry's new movie coming out in November 2010, his adaptation of the choreopoem by Ntozake Shange "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf." Has anyone read this book, seen the play, looking forward to the movie? I have only heard about the play briefly, but am looking forward to finding out what it's about! It features Kerry Washington, Janet Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg.

See trailer below here.

Relaxing Weekends,


Book Club Review: Eat, Pray, LovED It!

I'd Rather Be Reading Book Club is having it's second monthly discussion this weekend and I can't wait!!

Here's my review of our September book pick, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. For more discussions, or to join the club virtually or physically (if you're in the NYC area), check out our blog.

SPOILER ALERT: You might not want to read past the excerpts if you plan on reading the book.

I am so sad to report that I've gotten to the end of the journey with Liz and Eat, Pray, Love. I didn't want the traveling to end! The book is hands-down on my Top 5 list of books I've read this year. In a nutshell, the book is about a divorced 30-something year old woman on a spiritual journey to renew herself by seeking pleasure in Italy, devotion in India and balance in Bali. I wasn't hooked from page one, per se, but when I really got into it (around bead 30) it was a story I could not put down. Gilbert, as Mr. Jackson mentioned to me in conversation, has an exceptional command of the English language and her writing as down-right enviable, she has her humorous moments, and brilliant metaphors. I can't really say enough about how I enjoyed this book. Gilbert's memoir has a perfect blend of informational details without reading too textbooky (new word), shares personal ideas without seeming too pushy and her growth process flows so naturally through her writing. After reading this book, I am inspired to meditate and have quiet time daily, to "practice discipline" when I'm eating instead of wolfing my food in two breaths, and to never have regrets about love.

Here are some teaser excerpts in case you need more reasons to pick up the book:

Italy- "Today, I was sitting on a park bench when a tiny old woman in a black dress came over, roosted down beside and started bossing me around about something. I shook my head, muted and confused. I apologized, saying in a very nice Italian "I'm sorry, but I don't speak Italian," and she looked like she would've smacked me with a wooden spoon, if she'd had one."

India- "Like most humanoids, I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the "monkey mind"-- the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl. From the distant past to the unknowable future, my mind swings wildly through time, touching on dozens of ideas a minute, unharnessed and undisciplined....You are after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions."

Bali (Indonesia)- "...this is how I ended up participating in the blessing of a baby who had reached the age of six months, and who was now ready to touch the earth for the first time. The Balinese don't let their children touch the ground for the first six months of life, because newborn babies are considered to be gods sent straight from heaven, and you wouldn't let a god crawl around on the floor with all the toenail clippings and cigarette butts. So Balinese babies are carried for the first six months, revered as minor deities."

I can't even say which country was my favorite, in the end I learned to appreciate that it was all a process- and you couldn't have Bali without India, and India without Italy...and so I appreciate all 3 parts just the same. I was full (in my belly), after Liz's four months in Italy. I did find it kind of hard getting through India with all the internal conflict she was trying to sort. Bali was the most fun in terms of the characters she encountered (and I loved all the insider info on the culture). I was oh-so-very-anxious to see how the house situation with Wayan was going to work out. I'm glad Liz handled that. I don't know how inclined I feel to read the sequel Committed, which chronicles her life after with new lover Felipe. I think I still want some time to savor all the new things I've learned after eating, praying and loving... something I want to joyously indulge in daily.


RIP Ponytail: Drastic Measures

Happy Tuesday lovely folks!

Today I'm participating in Post-it-Note Tuesday, with its new host, That One Mom!

That One Mom

From spending all day together....

to breaking up in a matter of minutes:

I found my new match, aren't you guys loving it?

Leave me a comment, YAY or NAY?


Happy Thankful Thursday: Costa Rica is 189 years old! (a day late)

I wish I could be more patriotic. Like, go in my closet and pull out some traditional garb and start dancing before you could even remember the Spanish word 'Baila!' Or show you my grandmother's prized memorabilia of mini-replica houses, the idolized ox cart and hand-painted toucan-shaped napkin holders stashed away from clumsy fingers in the china cabinet. But inside, my house probably looks no different than yours. I'm not part of any social clubs where ticos of any age, unite. I live in one of the most populated and popular cities in America, where culinary delights abound, and have not found ONE sole restaurant that bases its dishes on comida tica.

So what's a transplant to do on el dia de Independencia? My Google search offered no solution. No parade, no festival, nowhere to congregate in this big old lonely City. Four countries share independence day with Costa Rica-- El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras but we haven't gotten any official parade marching down any avenues in NYC. What about my family? Well, everyone is pretty much an adult-- very Americanized and very distant from Costa Rican traditions. No fireworks there.

Living in the States my whole educational life has alerted me that nationally, I'm a minority. I've met one guy in HS who was Costa Rican, and to this day I come across people who've never met a Costa Rican and always thought it was an island (I know it sounds like Puerto Rico, but no, no relation).

I've spent my whole life never acknowledging the day. But I desperately want to! So maybe I won't go as far taking a day off work, or taking a 2 hour lunch to siesta, but I still want to connect somehow! Maybe, just maybe, I'll be the one to start the tradition. Dinner party with traditional tico food at my house!(*woot woot*) We'll see how next year goes...

Oh, and just in case you needed any more reasons why you should visit Costa Rica at least ONCE in your life (although, I know you won't want to limit yourself to that after you go). Here's my top 3 reasons:

  1. You got the best of all worlds there- 2 coasts of beach; if you don't like the Pacific, head on over to the east for the Carribean Sea!, mountains, volcanoes, national parks, rainforests and if you don't need to see all that- just stay on a resort.
  2. People who look like me and you, and them too (and they're friendly too!). In comparison to many Central American countries, CR does not have an incredible amount of indigenous indians, but they do live there! There's people with descendants from Spain, Jamaica, China, you name it! A lot of your travel experience is based on how you're treated by the natives, so if you think this is a minor detail, think again!
  3. Because I said so! Would I steer you wrong?
Happy Thursday!

Food Photo credit.

PS- Enjoy my poem about...you guessed it... mi tierra!



Jet the Blues Away

For those of you who can't let go of summer just yet, JetBlue announced some travel deals this morning for the explorer in you. The Summer's End sale is over September 9th at 11:59 PM EDT and it offers great one-way sales for travel from NYC to lots of Caribbean destinations as well as local hot-spots. These nonstop fares are valid for travel Sept. 14th-Dec 15th. The Thanksgiving and Columbus Day holidays are blacked out.

One-way sample fares from NYC (JFK) include:

To Washington, DC…. $39
To Charlotte, NC…. $64
To Kingston, Jamaica…. $99
To Barbados, Bridgetown…. $119
To Cancun, Mexico…. $139
To Las Vegas, NV…. $149
To Portland, OR…. $159

And if you have more time on your hands to travel, you might consider shelling out $499 for the All You Can Jet priviledge. This pass allows travel between Tuesday, September 7 and Wednesday October 6, 2010 to any destination in JetBlue’s route network, national and international. Each flight must be booked 3 days in advance.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, you know you want to book!


Friday Funnies: What I'm Thinking? Chicken!

Dear Fried Chicken,

Why do you smell so good once cooked but have to be so dangerous to cook and leave my clothes smelling so ... yicky? I have to put on a special laundry-prone outfit just to fry you, but I can't cover my arms, legs or other fragile areas because having the heat on that high has the kitchen feeling like a real-life oven. Standing about 1 foot away while trying to see if the inside is done... And yet the trade off always seems worth it... (you know I love you guys b/c I look a hot mess in this pic!)

And the best part of it all, is that I'm not the only one who feels this way about chicken...check out homeboy's video!

What's the worst part about cooking one of your favorite foods?

Happy holiday weekends!


NYC Blogger Event: Soiree anyone?

I actually don't even know exactly what soiree means, but it sounds fun! Sounds like people mixing, being totally social and not hiding behind their witty titles and weekly memes. If you're a serious blogger in NYC (and I use that term loosely!), here's where you need to be after work on Monday September 27th! Mark your Calendars, iphones, Crackberry's, Outlook, or whatever else you use! Don't forget to stock up on business cards before then! Who knows? This might be your big break!

About the hosts:


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