When Music Videos become PSA's...

Today was a very chill Saturday, besides doing some much needed winter clothes shopping I spent most of it at my second home clicking back and forth between VH1 Soul and MTV Jams trying to catch up on some R&B videos. I only really enjoy watching soul videos because I can't sit through the explicit fleshly content of most rap videos, not to mention I rarely listen to any rap music anymore to know the lyrics.

Watching videos used to be my favorite past time, but now-a-days I feel a) too old for that and b) like there's always something better to be doing. But today, I indulged and came across a video called Far Away by Marsha Ambrosius. If you don't know, Marsha was the Songstress half of the neo-soul duo Floetry but now both ladies have parted ways to pursue solo careers (the 'Floacist' currently has a video with Musiq Soulchild called 'Forever'). Sad face. Floetry has delivered some classic hits like 'Say Yes' and 'It's Getting Late'...some perfect makin'-baby-mood songs. Ms. Marsha has also drastically changed since her transition from group to independent artist; she's shed some major pounds and looks like a totally different woman. So enough small talk, on to the video. It's a major PSA. Public. Service. Announcement. And I love that. I don't think you'll find anyone talking about gay-bashing and suicide on NBC for a 60-second commercial.

I love that she takes her video there. Scenes of love that I'm sure some people will cringe to see ( I admit, it's hard for me to see 2 beautiful black men kissing each other), but just because we don't agree with someone's lifestyle doesn't mean we have the right to call them names and get violent. This is a major problem in the States and it doesn't get enough exposure on the news! I like when artists use their influence for something life-changing like awareness. And Marsha Ambrosius has convinced me that she's definitely an artist to watch. Her album 'Late Nights and Early Mornings' is forthcoming.

So, check it out! Leave your feedback in the comments!

Do you think the message is tastefully revealed in this video? Should stations ban the video because two men are kissing?

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Miss Journey said...

I agree. Artists' songs and videos certainly reach a lot of people, an it is great to see them used to spread conscious messages, especially those that are not already heavily publicized and broadcasted. I caught a glimpse of the video but haven't yet watchted the whole thing. (I'm like you. I don't dedicate as much time to music videos as I did in adolesence). I support it. I believe that people have a right to live their lives and should not have to deal with harassment.

I can say that I'm a Marsha Ambrosius fan. I liked some of Floetry's songs. And it is a pleasant surprise to see her now. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.