Thankful Thursday: I'm Baaack!

It's Thursday, what a great day to share with you guys what I'm thankful for today!
    • Mi Madre. My mom is a walking paradox at times. Her reactions are somewhat predictable, yet she's at times full of surprises. I recently had a freshman in college moment and got my navel pierced, and her response was "you know you can't get into salt water for 3 years?, that's why I never did it." Yet, the last time I remember my mom going in the water at the beach was when I was about 5 years old. Mother's Day is around the corner, and it's hard trying to make it special living in different states. Any thoughts and how to make mom feel special from miles away?
    • Writing Assignments. Whenever I'm avoiding a writing assignment, I turn to blogging. I end up being more productive than I intended.
    • Support. Something as simple as a word of affirmation, or a personal e-mail goes a long way. I'm making it a weekly task to reach out to people I support and ask them about a specific event they hosted, an event they attended, a blog post they wrote, or just find out what they are preoccupying their time with now-a-days.
    • Love. Complex in nature. At this age, I'm feeling pressure. I'm racing against an imaginary clock, and some deep-seeded desires to start a family. I'm hungering for more. Not letting fear or insecurities get in the way. 
    • Musiq. Soulchild, that is. His new album 'MusiqintheMagiq' is in stores right now. I support consistently meaningful work from authentic artists. Musiq makes the cut! My favorite album: Aijuswanaseing.
    • Growing Up. I can't believe we are in the fifth month of the year already! Going through the ahhs! and ouchs! of life, I pray to God I'm learning how to better handle/cope with these situations...so the next time, I'll be better equipped.
    • Shows with Substance. I became hooked on the comedy/drama Parenthood (NBC) and have been watching the entire DVD Series. The show is just plain real, and it chronicles a family and the dynamics of all aspects of love and relationships. I just found out about this comedic show called The Middle, it's about The Hecks, a middle-class family (wife husband, 3 kids) and it stars the janitor from Scrubs and Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond
    • RAIN. There's been a steady stream of rain outside today. The house is abnormally dark, damp smelling. Rain makes me reflective. It makes me think about lazy days spent watching movies and ordering Chinese lo-mein. Snuggling with your children, or loved ones. Or even laying in my favorite couch reading the latest book on the list.
    What are some things you're thankful for today?

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    Alexandra said...

    I'm thankful for my family and life, every breath is a blessing. My mom too lives since last year in a diferent country, and is hard to acostum myself. I woke her up wishing her a special mothers day along with the kids.


    Realestdudeintheroom.com said...

    I hope you figured out how to do this. Since you are a wordsmith, I imagine any gift you provided included some of those well thought out words.

    Keep blogging. People (me) enjoy what you are doing.

    Amaris in Wonderland said...

    I found your blog this morning through LBS, and i'm glad i did. :) However, when i checked recently, your link seems to have disappeared? Blogger has had serious issues, lately.

    Looking forward to more posts...