Tica's Top 7 Love Songs (Contemporary)

There's no time like the summer time to fall in love. Whether it's a season fling, or the blossoming of a long term relationship, a love song is always there to save the day. In no particular order, I've compiled a list of the most thought-provoking, wedding worthy, and lyrically enticing love tunes, by some artists that tend to fall under the radar. Contemporary refers to the song being released after 2000. If you're not familiar with any song on the list, give them a listen! Check out my favorite site for music, Grooveshark, enter the artist's names and pick the song from the list.

1. Say You'll Go- Janelle Monae
This has all the feeling a traditional ballad with some cool beats and creative lyrics. I was introduced to this song by a special person, who had the song on repeat one night, and months later I'm still repeating the best line 'And write our name in fire on each others hearts.'

2. Make You Feel My Love- Adele

You can't go wrong with a piano and a sultry soulful voice like Adele's. I first heard this song on my favorite series Parenthood (this show has the best soundtrack and writers), and immediately Googled the lyrics I heard to find the artist. Adele

3. GreatestLove- Musiq Soulchild
Mr. Soulchild composes a witty play on words in this tune, and it makes for another classic to add to his collection of romantic ballads. Many people will automatically choose 'Love' as the most appropriate 'wedding song' from his records, but because I'm highlighting those hidden gems, I chose this one instead.

All we have are letters 'til we form the words...
Starting from the lyrics 'til we found the verses 
that can bridge us through
Baby we can be the greatest love song...

4. Butterflies- Michael Jackson

By no means does Mr. Jackson fall under any radar, but this is one of my favorite songs! It's mellow and cool, yet still full of lots of emotion. Maybe it's not so appropriate for a 'dedicated' song, however its medium tempo is one that you can actually groove to.

5. Chrisette Michele- Love is You
The sultry songstress tries to define love. The age old conundrum.
Is it possible there's a kiss that's so divine?
Or am I just too fool? Is it all in my mind?
Is there something chemical? A scientist might say
Well, love must be drug to make me feel this way

6. India.Arie- Ready for Love
You can't go wrong with India and her guitar coupled with beautiful lyrics that are undoubtedly from the heart.

7.  Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley- Turn Your Lights Down Low
A non-traditional pick, but this tune packs lots of heart and history. It's the remake of Marley's original track, with Lauryn adding her heavenly vocals and a small rap verse.
Every beautiful melody of devotion every night
This potion might, this ocean might carry me 

In a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me
And every word, every second, and every third
Expresses the happiness more clearly than ever heard 

And when I play ‘em, every chord is a poem
Telling the Lord how grateful I am because I know him

Have any other (non-traditional) love ballads to add to this list?


Miss Journey said...

GREAT list! I love all of those songs.

AMP said...

Awesome list! Turn Your Lights Down Low has a special place/meaning for Mr. SMiley and I. Awesomeness - I am thinking I need to listen to some Janelle and Adele before this year is over!!!

Classy Career Girl said...

Great songs! This is an awesome idea! I would love to do this on my blog someday.

Diggame said...

Nice list though mine would have been quite different...lol! But who can really breakdown only 7 of the best love songs thats like...lol

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Nice list! Only song I don't know is Janelle Monae. I like it.

Jennifer B said...

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JSin said...

This what what I call great music! Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing music with us.

I really like your blog. It's very unique. Feel free to swing by and check out my blog...or not. The choice is yours.

JSin (up4dsn.wordpress.com)

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Hey! Been awhile but I had to stop by to say I just downloaded Adele's song! I love love love it!!!

daij said...

Love your song choices. I always smile when I hear Chrisette Michelle's voice, and I love Janelle Monae's uniqueness. She follows no one. She leads. I love that.

clinical researchers said...

Really great list!!

JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer said...

ready for love made me cry the first time that I heard it, lol