30 Before 30

Inspired by everyone's online bucket list, on July 10th I'll be celebrating the big 2-5 and making my own list of 30 things I want to do before I'm 30 years old. They will be broken down into 3 categories: 

  • Major- THREE STARS
  • Not-So-Major - TWO STARS
  • I can do Tomorrow- ONE STAR

I'll try to write and post as I complete one goal or the other. I don't expect to get through all 30 things, but I think it's a great way to measure my progress.

For some ideas for your own list, go here. One thing I will suggest is to make your list as specific as possible (for example don't write "travel the world", but rather think about where you would really like to go like "travel to the Dominican Republic") to make your goals more tangible. The reward is in seeing what you have accomplished after a certain time. I suggest you give it a try!

So...Here it goes:
    •  Write an honest letter to my father about my feelings on our relationship and requesting a contact name/address for my half-sister. *
    •  Take a vacation with my mom to the place of her choice. ***
    •  Take DJ and Summer to Disney World when they are both 7-8  years old (respectively, 2014 and 2016) ***
    • Get married. Decide between a destination wedding or week-long multi-destination honeymoon. ***
    • Have a baby. Decide whether I want to give birth in a birthing center, or at home. *******
    •  Have an all-girl sleepover. **
    •  Make a commitment to whether I’m going to write a book or not. Brainstorm a title/topic. ***
    • Get a pen-pal in the US.
    • Take the Amtrak train on a scenic route. **
    •  Take a week-long road trip, stopping in every state to visit family. ***
    •  Buy/Own a car. ***
    •  Learn how to swim (sooner than later!) ***
    •  Rent an apartment or be preparing/saving to buy a home. ***
    •  Learn how to use chopsticks confidently. *
    •  Learn how to drive a stick-shift. **
    •  Go to Brazil. **
    • Be a maid of honor. **
    • Become a mentor. ***
    • Take a cruise. **
    • Host a dinner party for 8 people. *
    • Sponsor a child abroad. *
    • Take a vacation alone (scary!!) ***
    • Visit Tia Elsie & her kids in Canada. ***

      (To be continued...need 5 more)
      Last updated 7-16-10.


AMP said...

Good 30 before 30 - I am looking forward to hearing the exciting tales as you cross each of them off of your list!

Fort Greene Queen said...


You put "experience Peru" as one of your 30 before 30!!!

So, we ARE going to Peru?!!!

We better do it before May 1, 2011, because that's when I turn 30!! :P

Ofelia said...

There's a few items there that I also want to do. Hmm - are you on Twitter? I'm @ofelianj

Jessica Auguste said...

I love your list! I added a few things from yours to my list of get this-300! things to do in my lifetime. Like i stole be a brides mate and have a sleepover.

Realestdudeintheroom.com said...

OK, I'm stealing this idea. 50 for 50 will be on my site soon.