I can sit here and list all the things that make me who I am, but what better proof of that than the blog itself! Want to know "ABOUT ME"- the proof is in the pudding posts!

What I will say is that I'm a 20-something with a lot of the same aspirations you either have now, had in your 20's or will have soon! I want the most fulfilling life God allows, through these venues, listed in no particular order.

  • I want to help the world, for free- the humanitarian part.
  • I want to mother children- the nurturing part.
  • I want to spark wander lust in everyone- Traveling is not a "rich privilege." You can go there too!
  • I want to complete a household, where God is first- of course, a husband is key here.
  • I want to be happy at work- wherever I'm qualified to be placed.
I am most humbled by being called God's friend and natural daughter to the most liveliest and hard-working Afro-Caribbean Queen I know-- Mi Madre! This blog was started to chronicle these "quarter-life" decisions, random thoughts, and ruminations.


A proud lady hailing from Costa Rica!


To Embrace: (v) to hug; to accept readily; avail oneself of

To Brace: (v) to strengthen or make firm by supporting the weight of; to invigorate; to stimulate

No matter where we go in life, or what we do, there's nothing like being part of community. In our innermost being, I believe, we all want to be accepted and feel like we are contributors. In my work or any endeavor I invest time, I pray to be remembered as someone who used my gifts to embrace... even while yet figuring out my own way.